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Maintain Your Lift's Integrity

After a year, we recommend a full service which includes inspecting all mechanical parts and making necessary adjustments, testing electrical connection, lubricating all grease fittings with factory recommended lubricants, and servicing drive units. These apply to all manufactures of lifts. At the 5 year mark, we recommend a maintenance schedule for replacing cables, rebuilding drives, and servicing motors. Regular maintenance checks help prevent catastrophic failures as we often find underlying problems when we service your lift. Our staff is factory trained and authorized to spot problems before they become an issue. We also stay on top of manufacturer updates for your safety.

Our fully insured company builds and repairs residential and commercial lifts—we even offer a discounted service for year-round marinas that have multiple lifts. We currently service marinas in North & South Carolina areas, expanding into Virginia. So far our customer base has grown to over 600 loyal annual customers in 2018.  Our services have been vetted and used for our local Marine Corps Bases.

Services that we provide include:

Authorized Lift Installation | 24/7 Emergency Response | OEM Replacement Part Installation | Motors | Drives | Cables | Cradles | Bunks | Controls | Custom Fabrication and Design | Full Service | Inspection of All Mechanical Parts and Make Necessary Adjustments | Test Electrical Connections | Lubricate All Grease Fittings With Factory Recommended Lubricants | Service Drive Units | Sales & Installation Of New Boat Lifts | Custom Stepped Hull Bunks | Custom Tri-Toon Bunks | 

Custom Piling Riser

Direct Drive Adapter

Custom Bunk Fabrication

Custom Piling Riser

Custom Direct Drive Adapter

Custom Bunk Fabrication